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Friday, 28 February 2014

TB Test for UK Visa: Finding IOM in PAKISTAN

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MIRPUR College Of English Language UK

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TB Test for UK Visa in Pakistan

Since March 2012, an additional requirement for Pakistani applicants of UK visas (6 months or more duration) is to have a tuberculosis (TB) certificate. The certificate is issued by International Organization for Migration (IOM). Except for a phone number (which is 00 92 300 5261325 ) nothing is listed anywhere on the Internet for Online Appointments.

Below is an attempt to show you the location and tell you the process for MIRPUR ( Azad Kashmir ) , Lahore & ISLAMABAD residents (something similar would be applicable to Karachi and other cities).

The process itself is as follows:

Step 1: Get Appointment from IOM

Keep your passport number handy, and call IOM call center on Islamabad & MIRPUR AJK . As with any kind of visa related issues, be very patient but consistent.

They will ask you for (a) the visa category you are applying, (b) your full name, (c) your date of birth, (d) and your passport number, (e) your e-mail address, (f) your mobile number, (g) your address in UK, where you plan to stay, (h) your contact number in UK (e.g, your husband, wife or college number, where your plan to stay) (i) For females their Pregnancy Status, Yes Or No .

The person attending the call will tell you a reference number and ask you to deposit TB test fee in the designated bank; he'll also tell you the address of (and time for your appointment with) the MIRPUR AJK office of IOM. Usually the time given is day after the following day. For your appointment at IOM, you will also be told to carry the following with you (a) your original passport, (b) a copy of your passport, (c) two passport sized photographs (d) and bank deposit slips

Step 2: Deposit Test Fee

Get your Online booking first by simply dailing UAN : + 92 300 5261325. The operator will guide you how to deposite the fee.

The Medical fee for T.B Health Test is Rs. 5,000 /- (again as of now), but you will have to pay separate 2,000 PKR Rupees at Allied Bank Ltd any where in Pakistan for Online Appointment Charges of T.B Test Booking . You'll need to write down your passport number on the deposit slip---so keep that handy once again.

Through Online Bank Transfer :      ( Any-where from PAKISTAN )

Bank Name : Allied Bank Ltd .
Title : MIRPUR College Of English Language UK
Account No : 001-001433525-002-1
Branch Code : 0440
Mirpur ( Azad Kashmir) Pakistan .

In order to Avail UK T.B Premium Services, your due amount is 7,000 PKR.

Step 3: Visit IOM

Now, wait for your appointment day at IOM. The location where you have to go is shown via e-mail below Or by Calling our Appointment Agent at 00 92 300 5261325 .

Step 4: Visit AKUH MIRPUR AJK, and Get Tested

Go to AKHU, Radiology section; there is a dedicated counter for IOM there. Give them your passport and the sealed envelope; wait for your turn and get X-rayed. AKUH will give you back your passport but not any results.

Step 5: Collect the Results

Your TB certificate will have to be collected in person once again from IOM office. The collection timings are 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm (Monday to Thursday), and 12:30pm to 1:00pm on Friday.


  1. visa assistance I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I don't know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading what you all have to say.

  2. Yeah ! We are Providing Premium Lounge Services so Now You will receive our T.B Test Certifcate within an hour. Best Regards IOM PAKISTAN.

  3. Aslam u AliKum
    I want to book my TB Test tell me the process
    I want to book my TB test in Lahore

  4. For UK, CANADIAN, AUSTRALIAN, T.B TEST BOOKINGS, either in MIRPUR, LAHORE, ISLAMABAD & KARACHI. You have IOM Online Premium Lounge Number, which is 00 92 300 5261325 . So Call Freely for Swift Appointments.

  5. Assalam u Alaikum
    i will apply 3 year uk visa for working so please tell me how can i now that my visa are original?